Summer Scouting: Preparing for the Upcoming Deer Season in the Wiregrass and Central Mississippi

As the scent of magnolias fills the air and the Southern heat begins to set in, it’s time for hunters in the Wiregrass area of Alabama and Central Mississippi to start preparing for the upcoming deer season. This period, often referred to as summer scouting, is not the time for hunters to rest. On the contrary, it’s a crucial time that can determine the success of hunts in the fall.

Why Summer Scouting Matters

Summer scouting provides a wealth of information on deer behavior, movement patterns, and habitat preferences. With the lush summer vegetation, deer in the Wiregrass and Central Mississippi have abundant food sources, making this an excellent time to observe and understand their feeding habits. By learning these patterns, hunters can be well-prepared when the season opens.

Getting Started with Summer Scouting

Begin by revisiting hunting areas from the previous season. Look for signs of deer activity, such as tracks, droppings, and shed antlers. Notably, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources provides excellent resources on identifying and interpreting these signs. Pay special attention to food and water sources, as these are hotspots for deer activity. Our past article, “How to Use Food Plots to Attract Deer”, offers more insights into this.

Embracing Technology in Summer Scouting

In today’s world, summer scouting is made more efficient with the use of technology. Trail cameras are an invaluable tool, providing real-time information about deer activity without disturbing their natural behavior. For more insights into the best hunting gear, including trail cameras, check out our previous post, “2023 Dothan, AL Deer Hunting: Must-Have Gear for Big Buck Territory”.

Expanding Your Hunting Horizons

While focusing on deer, don’t forget to diversify your hunting interests. Although the turkey hunting season has ended, there’s much to learn from our feathered friends. Understanding turkey behavior can inform your deer hunting strategies, as these animals share the same habitat. Brushing up on turkey hunting strategies now can give you a head start for the next season. For this, consider exploring our sister site, Big Beard Bounty, which offers a wealth of knowledge on turkey hunting.


Summer scouting is a vital part of deer hunting in the Wiregrass area and Central Mississippi. By understanding deer behavior and patterns during the summer, you stand a better chance of a successful hunt in the fall. So dust off your gear, step into the great outdoors, and start preparing for the upcoming deer season.

Remember, successful hunting hinges on careful preparation. Use this time to learn, observe, and plan for the hunting season ahead. Happy scouting!

Please note, while engaging in summer scouting, always respect private property and follow all local and state regulations. For more information on hunting regulations in Alabama and Mississippi, you can visit the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks websites.