Hunting During the Holidays

Hunting season lasts all winter long, but hunting during the holidays can be different. Many people have more time away from work or school to spend doing the things they love during the Christmas season. Having more time to hunt isn’t anything to complain about, but there are upsides and downsides to this, so you need to take full advantage of the situation.


Stand Burnout


You probably have a stand cleverly hidden and you’ve tracked deer patterns so your stand is right on top of the high traffic areas. The problem is if you now have more time to hunt you’re probably visiting the same spots more often. Even if you don’t see any deer around as you enter and exit your stand, chances are that local deer have heard, seen, or smelled you at some point during your latest hunting trip and they’ll avoid that area as much as possible for the next three or four days. To avoid scaring your prey away it’s best to alternate between stands so the deer will resume travel in your favorite hunting spots.


Take Someone with You


If you have time off from your job during the holidays, your friends and family likely do as well. This is the perfect time to take a hunting trip with the boys, bring your wife, kids, or even grandkids along with you. Maybe you know someone who has never been hunting or is new to it and wants to learn more. Use the extra time to show them the ropes and you’ll have a hunting partner for years to come.


Know when the rut is in your area


Bucks change their behavior in the rutting season. They spend more time out and about during the daytime trying to track down a mate. Relatably, bucks make very poor life decisions while pursuing females, and this works to your advantage. The difficulty with this is that the rutting season for deer changes based on geography. If you want to take advantage of the situation you need to do a little research about when deer are rutting in your area.


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